The sole purpose of our video production and content creation studio is to better connect you with your audience.

We design, plan, shoot, edit and deliver video content that will engage and excite like nothing else.

Working with clients from a diverse range of industries, we apply our genuine passion for, and dedication to, the craft to deliver your unique message with maximum effect.

Top quality content doesn’t come easily, and we don’t believe it should.

What We Do
  • Corporate / Brand Video
  • Company Profile Video
  • TV & Online Commercials
  • Informational Video
  • Custom Animations
  • Projection Mapping
  • Digital Signage Content Creation
  • Drone / Aerial Video
  • Event Video
  • Training Video
  • Internal Comms Video
  • Promo / Product Demo Video
  • Interactive Solutions
  • Presentation Production
  • VR Video
Our Production Process

Stage 1 | Idea Development & Pre-Production

If you have an idea for a video we can develop it into a fully functioning, attention-grabbing behemoth. Our writers and directors are the best around and our production management team will tailor a budget that suits your needs.Already have an idea and the necessary material? Even better! We can get straight to work on transforming everything into the visual and audio spectacle you’ve imagined.

Stage 2 | Production Management

As the saying goes ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.Ensuring everything and everyone works, as it should, on a shoot is vital to capturing the best material possible and thus ensuring the finished product is as strong as it can be. (Plus, it keeps our editors happy).That’s where our dedicated Production Manager comes in. With over 30 years of industry experience, there’s little this stalwart hasn’t seen.With that said, we will fit the right crew to your job and once you are happy with everything we turn the cameras over and let the magic happen.

You will, of course, be involved in this stage as your feedback is vital to ensuring we are creating the product and message that is right for you.

Stage 3 | Post-Production

Eagerly awaiting every job are our experienced editors and motion graphic designers who will ingest (and more importantly digest) all material and get to work bringing the initial concept to life. This is a delicate process that requires dedication and skill, a sort of black art if you will.Our facility is capable of handling small and large productions alike. Utilising the latest hardware and software, we will ingest all material, edit it together, create any required VFX and graphics, complete the audio mix and perfect the colour grade.

Stage 4 | Delivery

Once you have reviewed the final product and are happy with the result we will proceed to outputting the video in which ever format you need.Don’t know which format is best for your platform? We will happily advise you on the current standards for delivering video content, be it for broadcast, web, DVD/Blu-Ray, or whatever your requirements may be and work with you until the video is playing correctly and is live for your intended audience to enjoy.

Meet The Team

Jim Colgan


Jim has the gift of foresight. It’s his job to see problems before they become problems.

With Jim at the helm your job will run that much more smoothly, and cost effectively.

Clare Halpenny

Production Manager

Clare is an organisational wizard. She will plan, organise and execute your job with the efficiency of a well-oiled (with Green Tea and Lemon, that is) machine.

Jeff Quinlan

Creative Content Producer

Jeff has a proven track record of working in the video production industry and has over 12 years’ experience editing, colour-grading, audio mixing and creating motion graphics for broadcast commercials, online corporate videos, documentaries and video installations.

Cormac Connaughton

Creative Content Producer

Cormac has over 8 years experience in the audio visual industry, where he started life as an AV technician for events before moving into content creation. On any given day you could find him animating motion graphics, editing video, designing digital signage or programming content for live events.

Our Clients

We love to work with agencies or directly with companies and brands alike.

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